Speaking Presentations

School Anti-bullying Speaking package



Frank Gigante Motivational/ Anti-Bullying Speaker

Presentation Name: “Breaking The Silence” 

Length: 75 minutes/15 minute Q & A

Focus: Speaking up about bullying, Suicide on account of bullying prevention.

Strategy: Advice on Speaking up, rather than self-harm. Don’t be a bystander, get involved.

Screening: Breaking The Silence Film: Screening of the Anti-Bullying film in the presentation.

Questionnaire: A questionnaire for students (that can be used as a grading assignment by teachers).

Frank Gigante is a filmmaker and An Anti-Bullying Activist through film. Frank is the Producer of “Breaking The Silence” A Docu-fiction on the dangers of Bullying with the participation of Joseph & Jane Clementi.

Frank has produced various Anti-bullying Public service announcements.

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